Vision Quest Process


Vision Quest Initial Meeting

Understanding You
and Your Needs

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45-60 minutes
via video call or in person

  • Get to know us and our company

  • Share with us your dreams and vision for your ideal life

  • Share with us your major financial concerns

  • Initial review of your current planning and investments

Vision Check Meeting

major issues

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45-60 minutes
via video call or in person

  • Risk analysis

  • Cost analysis

  • Tax analysis

  • Income analysis

  • Identification of areas of potential weakness

  • Summary discussion of potential solutions

Vision Conversion Meeting

Converting your vision to
help it become your reality

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45-60 minutes
via video call or in person

  • Review of recommendations

  • Income plan

  • Tax strategies

  • Estate plan


Practiced by some native peoples of North and South America, a vision quest allows one to discover their authentic purpose and direction in life.1
At Singer Wealth, our team has created and refined a unique process named after the Native American rite of passage to help our clients clarify their vision of the life they desire for themselves and their families. At your Vision Quest meeting, be prepared to answer meaningful questions designed to help us clarify and understand your vision of what truly matters to you and your desired outcome for yourself, personally and financially. Once we have helped you create and understand the vision for your ideal life, our team of advisors will review and evaluate your strengths and shortcomings. Then we will provide advice and recommendations on how to maximize. We can help you understand your options and, with your input, pick which one is right for you.
1 Vison Quest. Native American Religion. Encyclopedia Britannica.


Making smart choices about your money and investments is extremely important. While most investors have a basic understanding of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, not that many are well-versed in advanced investing concepts such as private equities, private credit, private real estate, structured notes and other strategies.
At Singer Wealth, we believe there are many compelling alternative investments that have exciting risk-adjusted returns and low volatility.
Can any investment portfolio be optimally managed without considering all the available alternatives?

Preparation begins with a plan.


Will you have enough money to not only to maintain your lifestyle for the rest of your life, but will you also be able to keep up with inflation?
How will you generate the income you need in a historically low-interest-rate environment? We can create and update an income plan to give you the confidence you may be looking for to get you to and through retirement.

Build your ideal retirement today!


We have never had a client ask us to help them pay more in taxes than they are legally obligated to pay. Yet, if one does not take maximum advantage of our voluminous tax code, they could wind up paying more than they otherwise would have.
Our team helps make sure that our clients position their assets correctly and take advantage of available tax reduction strategies to benefit them and their families.


According to a recent study by Fidelity2, it is estimated that the average couple aged 65 who retired in 2021 would need $300,000 during their retirement years just to cover health care costs.
People are also living longer, which means an increased likelihood of needing long-term care at some point. Whether one needs home care or facility care, the costs can be expensive. Some people self-insure; others arrange their assets to qualify for Medicaid, while others purchase traditional long-term care policies. Some use innovative hybrid, no-load insurance contracts to provide additional funds in the event of long-term
care needs. Learning and understanding the different options can be especially important depending on your needs and desires. We can help you understand your options and pick which one is right for you.

2 Fidelity. “How to plan for rising health care costs.” Aug. 31, 2021.


Most people have very specific ideas of how they want their assets allocated at the end of their life. This includes protecting their heirs from unnecessary probate expenses and the mismanagement of their assets. Others want to make sure their assets remain in their bloodline.
It can be especially important to coordinate both the legal and financial components of one’s legacy plan. Our Vision Quest process is designed to assist with those objectives.

Let's make a plan!

Start your Vision Quest Process